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Indulge in the pleasure of admiring Constance Wu’s almost nude boobs and ass. Namely, such pictures and videos are waiting for you in this post. Of course, we all didn’t mind seeing Constance Wu’s nude pussy, but maybe she’ll show it next time?

Interesting facts

When we talk about the most famous Asian-American actresses, we should definitely mention Constance Wu. Her parents are Taiwan immigrants. She loves her job so much that she prefers to go to acting classes than to parties. Did you know that for a while she worked as a nanny, personal assistant and even a waitress? By the way, this celebrity also worked as a stripper for a while. And she did this in order to better prepare for her role in the movie.

Constance Wu sexy photoshoots

Constance Wu will spoil you with her hot photoshoots. It’s amazing how this girl manages to look sexy in every pic! Photos of this beauty often appear in magazines. Oh, she looked stunning posing on the cover of the magazine in a light dress with a sheer panel. And Constance Wu poses in a low-cut red dress that shows off her wonderful cleavage.

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Constance Wu striptease and hot lesbian sex scenes

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You will jerk off all night after watching Constance Wu movies. It turns out this celebrity loves kissing girls. She also played an amazing stripper in one of the films. So I recommend that you start watching immediately!

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Hustlers (2019)

What do you think of Hustlers (2019) with her? There, Constance Wu in petite lingerie and stockings danced a hot striptease near the pole. In addition, this beauty devoted special time to private dancing. So, you will be able to see Constance Wu’s almost nude butt covered by a narrow strip of thongs when she jumped on the laps of men.

But this star in a shiny bodysuit went up to the roof of the building to smoke. Her friend was already there, wrapped in a fur coat. Constance Wu sat between her legs so that her friend could cover her with her fur coat and warm her.

You will definitely be turned on by the scene in which Constance Wu was trained in pole dancing. After all, she and her coach were dressed in seductive lingerie. In addition, Constance Wu also had to sit on top of another girl and rub her boobs and booty against her. In this way, she was trained to seduce male clients in the future.

Constance Wu also put on a real lesbian performance in this movie. There, she, along with another girl, danced an incendiary dance in front of a man. And apparently everything was supposed to end in a threesome …

And here’s another dance, during which the girl took off her bra from Constance Wu, exposing her nude boobs. And then her petite thong followed… It seems that these two chicks really enjoyed spending time together. Their striptease performances were so successful that men simply bombarded them with banknotes!

Agree, Constance Wu looked very seductive in a blue bodysuit with a lace insert. And when she danced a private lap dance in front of a man, her gorgeous buttocks were breathtaking!

Also in this film, you can admire how Constance Wu had fun with a drink in the company of her friends. The girls even danced together, shaking their butts and boobs in petite tight outfits. And although Constance Wu was not completely naked here, her ass and slender legs in denim shorts looked very sexy!

The Feels (2017)

This actress did a great job in the comedy The Feels (2017). So, in one of the scenes, Constance Wu swam in the pool with a group of her friends. She was wearing a tight white bikini that showed off the beauty of her juicy boobs.

And here is another scene in which she and her friends again found themselves in the pool. One of the girls sang songs on the edge of the pool… And Constance Wu found a moment to hug her friend in a white swimsuit and nestle her head against her bare thighs.

And now it’s going to be very hot. After all, Constance Wu had lesbian sex on the bed! So, Constance Wu brought the girl to orgasm with her playful fingers. And after that, Constance Wu finished for a long time when the girl caressed her nude pussy with her fingers. You will definitely be turned on by her loud moans!

Also another hot lesbian scene awaits you in this comedy. Constance Wu took off her girlfriend’s panties and began to lick her nude pussy. She did this for a long time, but she could not bring her to orgasm…

Watching TV with the Red Chinese (2012)

Comedy Watching TV with the Red Chinese (2012) will not leave you indifferent. Especially after you see Constance Wu fucking a man. First she kissed him, and then she let him take off her bra. In addition, you can see how Constance Wu took his nude cock in her hand, then to start sucking him.

Eastsiders (2012)

This celebrity did a great job in Eastsiders (2012). And while Constance Wu didn’t show off her nude boobs or ass here, there are some hot scenes you can see. For example, admire her wonderful tits in a black bra when she stood in front of a mirror.