Find the Best Leaked Celebrity Nudes with the Help of ThePornDude

Find the Best Leaked Celebrity Nudes with the Help of ThePornDude

We try to be the best source of celebrity nudes and we’re very proud of our work, but there’s just so much content out there. It’s nice to get some help when it comes to bringing all these nudes together. You might have heard about ThePornDude before, especially if you’ve ever dug deep into some porn exploration. The guy really knows his stuff. He’s the kind of dedicated curator of smut that inspires us to do what we do best. Unlike us, he doesn’t exclusively focus on celebrities, though. He’s more of a jack of all jack-off trades. But he’s so damn talented at finding and reviewing celebrity smut that we had to give him a shoutout. We think that if you’re in the market for celebrity nudes and you’ve already gone through our entire library, you have to check him out.

What’s in A Celebrity Nude?

Since before the internet was invented, celebrities have been getting nude on camera. Those particular scenes where a popular actress’s nipple will flash across the screen for a fraction of a second have been fan favorites for years. There were days when you’d borrow your friends’ VHS tapes of particularly raunchy movies to copy the sexiest bits over to an empty tape, so you have something to watch at night. This is probably when the fascination over celebrity nudes started out. Well, there’s that and also the fact that celebrities in general tend to be really hot. And when a girl is extremely hot and also popular, people are going to want to see her naked. It’s just the natural order of things.

But celebrity nudes aren’t really about girls appearing naked on film, even though such content is always welcome. In those scenes, people are airbrushed, filtered, dieted and who knows what else so they can look their best. People want something a lot more real than that. They want to see their favorite celebrities in the comfort of their own homes, getting naked for fun, not for money. It helps them pretend, if only for a night, that they’re dating that celebrity. It lets you humanize these women idols to the point that you can actually see yourself spending the night with them. That’s what celebrity nudes are all about – raw and unedited nipples and the like.

The Fappening Changed the Game

Celebrity nude leaks were always around in one form or another. The internet made damn sure that they were properly catalogued and shared so that every pervert can get his fill and ThePornDude had a celebrity section ready, from the get go. You’ll notice, however, that his celebrity section is now simply dubbed “The Fappening”, after the incident that took place back in the late summer of 2014. You simply must know all about this if you’re a true diehard fan of celebrity nudes.

A ton of iCloud accounts got hacked by a bunch of really talented techie perverts who wanted to get their hands on celebrity nudes any way they could. Now, celebrities have been making sex tapes for a very long time. It’s a part of human nature to want to record yourself with your significant other then watch that smut together. It makes for great porn. Unfortunately, celebrities do not enjoy the same privacy that common folk do. It was only a matter of time before they got hacked and their nudes and sex tapes got out. The hackers that made the initial bust were very diligent, so the internet received over a hundred different celebrities with thousands of images and a few videos. It was easily the greatest event in the entire history of erotic celebrity obsessions.

So, it’s no wonder that even ThePornDude himself bothered to rename his celebrity section after this explosion. Now, not all his content has to do with TheFappening exactly. This is a general celebrity section and you’ll find a ton of smut that came out both before and after 2014. The event was just so influential that it’s now common to call all celebrity smut a “fappening” matter.\

How ThePornDude Can Help

This guy does not try to gather all the celebrity smut in one place himself, that would be a fool’s errand. There are already countless sites, like our very own for example, that work really hard around the clock to gather all this smut in one place. But in 2019, there are just so many instances of new celebrity smut and they’re not all sex tapes and nudes. Some of them will be Instagram shots, others will come from Facebook, then there’s the paparazzi photography. The point is, there’s too much celebrity content out for one person to sort through.

That’s exactly why ThePornDude has taken to documenting other websites. Our site is featured on his list, for example, with a detailed review of what we have to offer. That way, if you’re new to our site and you found us through him, you know everything there is to know about how to browse our content and what you can expect to find. He gives you all this data in advance, so you know you’re headed in the right direction.

Plus, he helps you make out the difference between different sites that all offer celebrity themed imagery. They vary very much. There are countless sites that just focus on TheFappening, with alphabetical breakdowns and image posts. Other sites will cast a wider net and try to find some underground shots from more recent leaks. Then there are the more sensationalist sites that post more often, but with less quality. These will bring you a lot of half-nudes and implied stuff, as well as modelling photos from celebrities that are not at all raunchy. Still, it’s nice to know that ThePornDude has one simple list for all things celebrity so that the next time you’re feeling naughty, you only need to check with him to get to where you need to go.